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The Roadmap of My Life lesson
Monday, October 24, 2011By: Becky VoorVart
The Roadmap of My Life - Module 1

This activity will help you learn why career exploration is important and fun by planning a personal "career roadmap".

•  Describe why career exploration is important and fun.
•  Describe the scope of career options.
•  Distinguish between a job and a career.

Read all instructions before you begin the activity.  Follow carefully the instructions within the activity.


1.    There are two ways to approach your future.  You can randomly go through life or you can have a plan to follow as you proceed through your life.  Taking a risk to explore is the key to having fun.

2.    Each student will create a roadmap that contains information about where you are now and where you want to be in the future.  You will  need to use pictures and words.  Be creative and truly demonstrate who you are!

Part 1 - About Me Now & About My Future paragraphs

3.      Pick up the worksheet "The Roadmap of My Life" and answer the questions for both sections.

4.      Click on and download the Roadmap questions document.

5.      With your worksheet answers, type a paragraph using complete sentences for each section.  Format each paragraph with the correct color coding.

6.    Type your name and class period at the end of each paragraph.

7.    Print each paragraph.  Complete and attach a grading sheet to each paragraph.  Turn in your paragraphs when you are finished.

Part 2 - About Me Roadmap collage (You will need to use pictures and words.  Be creative and truly demonstrate who you are!)

8.    Click on and download the Collage Directions document.

9.    After completing your career collage save the file.

10.  Please show me your collage before printing.
11.  Print your collage then write your name and period # on the back.  

12.  Turn in your collage when completed.

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